Catching up.

Hey ya’ll!

As I am sure you have gathered it has been a busy week/weekend! We celebrated two birthdays last week, my daughters and my stepsons and then immediately after the birthdays a few of us in the house came down with a cold.. yay! (how thankful I am that they hit after the birthdays.)

On Saturday we did a double family birthday party for the two birthday kids and then yesterday was the glorious Super Bowl XLIX and we had a get together with some of our favorite people.

But boy did it take everything out of me.

I have a few blog posts that I have up my sleeve that I am still currently working on and getting the rest of the brainstorming going while I mend the end of my sickness.

I am curious to ask what it is that people reading this would like to see from me.. What topics would like me to write about or discuss? I love the open discussion and the non judgmental sharing of opinions and thoughts so keep them coming 🙂

Love, light and namaste.