The progressing illness with no cure in sight….

I believe as mother’s we all suffer from a very serious illness, an illness that seems to have no cure, that only progressively gets worse and effects the way we live.

This illness is called Mom Brain. 

If you are lucky enough to not suffer from this illness then consider yourself a miracle and do not tell your doctors because you may be submitted to rigorous testing.

I felt this topic was very fitting due to the content of my Topic Thursday video. After watching the video I realized I had made a couple mistake on the video, i.e. I said NFC championship game when it was truly the AFC, among other mistakes. I watched the video before uploading to watch for mistakes and sure enough I didn’t catch any. Typical mom brain, waits until later to humiliate me.

I always tend to forget that I have mom brain until I am caught in a predicament of looking like an idiot because of something I said or did. Now mom brain is pretty self explanatory, as a mother we are left with so much on our minds ranging from: kids, husbands, dinner, errands, to do lists, etc. that we then forget some of the basic things that non mothers can remember. So in order to not bore you with the nitty gritty details I will give you one of my more memorable mom brain stories.

I do my grocery shopping once a week so that I do not have to be leaving the house multiple times a week, so when I do my shopping I end up having to stop at a few stores. Well on this one occasion I was stopping at my last stop which was a grocery store, we had already made about three stops and had been going on nearly three hours of errands at this point. Needless to say my children were exhausted and not being too cooperative. I wanted to make this stop a quick one so that my kids didn’t have time to make it a miserable experience. I drive a mini van and so I slid the backdoor open to grab my kids out of their car seats and head into the store. My thought process was to be quick and keep the kids behaved. We ran into the store and grabbed the couple of things we needed to grab and headed back to the car, as we walk out of the doors I set my eyes on the van and notice the backdoor is wide open. In a panic and feeling quite embarrassed, I rush to the van and then notice that on the back seat my cell phone is sitting there, in plain view. Now this could have been a much worse situation of my phone being stolen or anything else in the car but luckily it wasn’t, but my embarrassment was still at an all time high for all the people in the parking lot who witnessed me running to a van with a door wide open and my unruly children screaming in the basket.

Hopefully this story could give you a little laugh or relief to the thought of mom brain. I feel that sharing stories can help us not feel so alone and can give us a little more relief that we aren’t the only crazy ones in the world, so what are some experiences you have had with mom brain or maybe even, what do you do to help your mom brain spasms?

Love, light and namaste.