March Full Moon

This morning marked the full moon and for some reason when a full moon comes into play my whole being is shifted. The last couple full moons have messed with my abilities to get things done and I feel this sense of urgency to change everything, who I am, what I want to be, how I look, etc. But yet, I lack motivation or confidence to do so. Last night I had an entire theme I wanted to write about and this morning I sat down to do so and I couldn’t do it. I had lost my entire inspiration and nothing seemed to make sense.

So here I sit with a million ideas going through my brain and my head is literally spinning. Nothing is making sense and nothing seems right. I eventually decided I would just sit and write whatever came to mind as my fingers hit the keyboard. As you can see, I am not getting anywhere with this but at least I am putting my creativity to work and not slacking on what I truly want to do, right?

For the last week I have felt very insecure and extremely vulnerable, which in turn has caused my writing to lack and not be filled with the emotions or rawness that I would much prefer. I would think that the full moon/the Universe has a large hand in that but how am I to know for sure?

I am a firm believer in the Universe and moon/planets/stars playing a huge role in our lives and our moods. I know that this isn’t always a huge belief in most people, especially those who are very religious and often when I bring this up to others I tend to get some strange looks. I guess it goes right along with the science vs. religion debate and I know there is much debate whether astrology is base off faith or scientific facts, but in my opinion it could go both ways.

Obviously there are stars, planets, a moon, a sun, etc. and it is proven that they rotate and move in the universe. The faith part of this then moves into if they actually affect us as human beings. So maybe astrology goes for both, faith and science. I truly believes that we as humans change based on what is going on in space. I have witnessed my children’s behaviors and moods change when there is a change in the stars/planets and I also know I feel entirely different during a change as well.

I know this post is quite boring and not very intriguing but you can blame the moon 😉 But I am also curious, do you believe that astrology changes your behaviors and moods? Do you believe astrology to be faith or scientific?

Love, light and namaste,