Ordinary Chronicles: Mekette

For the last week I have been busy writing down my life story. I feel it is important for others to learn from each other and the best way to do that is to hear each others stories. It seems that everyone is so compelled to hear about a celebrity or high profile individuals life but yet we pass that homeless man on the corner without a single word passed or story exchanged. I love hearing about other people’s lives, famous or not, when I pass individuals on the street I find myself being inquisitive about what their story is. So I have decided to start asking normal, everyday people their stories and sharing them with all of you here. I have chosen to name these pieces the Ordinary Chronicles.

For the first Ordinary Chronicle, I decided to take an easy route so that I could get the hang of this idea and see how to make my vision a reality and did this piece on my mom.

Name: Mekette Keele Hodges

Born: October, 1969

Astrological sign: Libra

From: Utah

Mekette was a loving, blonde hair, blue eyed child who always felt like a black sheep to her brown hair, green eyed siblings and loved being the center of attention. As she got older she became a rebellious teenager who did things her way no matter what others said. She had a poor attitude toward school causing her to ditch a lot and not take her academics seriously. And now she wishes she could go back and take school more seriously,not ditch as much and actually learn somethings because her biggest disappointment in herself is that she never pursued her career when she had a chance. Luckily, when she was starting to go downhill and be more rebellious her sister sat her down and set her straight by telling her that she needed get back on the right track. because of that single act Mekette considers her sister to have had the most positive impact on her life. Although things may not have turned out the way she thought it would, she is very content with what her life have become.

She was married for the first time at seventeen and she experienced one of her worst memories not long after that when she suffered a miscarriage. Shortly after that she was blessed with one of her best memories when she was able to carry her baby through a full term pregnancy and experience the birth of her first child. Two years after her marriage, Mekette and her husband proceeded through a divorce. After the divorce Mekette operated a daycare so that she could spend time with her daughter and through this daycare she was able to meet her next husband. They were married and had three sons in three short years. This marriage would last eleven years but would also end in divorce. After two divorces Mekette decided it would be best to focus on working and being a single mom to her four children. Once her children were grown and out on their own Mekette fell in love, is re-married and reaching toward old age.

Being her biggest critic and claiming that she doesn’t like herself too much, Mekette has found that she herself has had the most negative impact on herself because she made so many bad decisions and took herself down the wrong road. But through all the negativity she also recognizes what a hard worker she is and still finds time to laugh at herself and constantly be in a entertaining battle for center of attention with her husband. Mekette loves crafting, reading, watching movies and most of all, singing. Through all of her struggles and happiness the one thing Mekette hopes that people can take from her is that she is a good and kind person.


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