Catching up.

Hey ya’ll!

As I am sure you have gathered it has been a busy week/weekend! We celebrated two birthdays last week, my daughters and my stepsons and then immediately after the birthdays a few of us in the house came down with a cold.. yay! (how thankful I am that they hit after the birthdays.)

On Saturday we did a double family birthday party for the two birthday kids and then yesterday was the glorious Super Bowl XLIX and we had a get together with some of our favorite people.

But boy did it take everything out of me.

I have a few blog posts that I have up my sleeve that I am still currently working on and getting the rest of the brainstorming going while I mend the end of my sickness.

I am curious to ask what it is that people reading this would like to see from me.. What topics would like me to write about or discuss? I love the open discussion and the non judgmental sharing of opinions and thoughts so keep them coming 🙂

Love, light and namaste.



One thought on “Catching up.

  1. I know this will be difficult for you to post “in brief,” but to answer the topics prompt, I say:
    In brief, name just a few of your favorite shows/music/movies/songs/books (in brief, right? Ha!), maybe the one on the very top of the list, but tell us Specifically What it is in that work you identify with, or what you think is the most important thing that work is ‘saying’….. Why is it so important to you?
    Since you like questions so much. 😉


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