Not all things are what they seem.

I am a naturally curious person, I have self-titled myself a “question addict”. I am constantly asking questions, not only to others but also myself.

This morning my friend sent me a link to a video that had you use your dominant finger and trace the uppercase letter “Q” on your forehead and the direction that you wrote the “Q” stated if you were,

A– an introvert who is a bad liar or

B– a extrovert that loves attention, is aware of how other people perceive them and is a good liar.

This video, naturally, sparked many questions in my mind.

This video had brought a new perspective to my mind that I had never thought about before. Now if you noticed they bring up that if you are a good liar you are also aware of how other people perceive you.. This then brings me to question that if you can lie well and you are aware of how others see you then what does it mean if you are a bad liar? That you are more concerned with how you see yourself as opposed to how others see yourself? Well if you are more opposed to how you see yourself rather than how others see you, wouldn’t that make you selfish? I would assume that those who are bad liars are more concerned with their own perception of themselves because they must easily feel guilty and have a hard time living with the guilt of lying and those who are more aware of others perceptions of themselves are good liars because they don’t want others to look down on them or see them as different. Would you agree?

So here I am thinking of how “selfishness” has always been perceived to be a bad thing and in some circumstances it still is. But I believe in the category of lying, maybe it isn’t… Maybe the fact that some people are too selfish to let themselves live with guilt is a benefit. Lying always tends to lead to worse situations especially when we are lying to ourselves. Maybe if we all could be a little bit more selfish and honest with ourselves we could make things a little bit better for ourselves and those around us.

Now I understand everyone is different and maybe some of us are just natural liars and can do it very well, but that doesn’t mean we have to lie. We could train ourselves to tell the truth and not always jump to lying. I think in the sense that those who are good liars are more aware of how others see them, so think of how people would see you if you told the truth.. Amazing right?! Think of the positive energy that would be spreading through the universe.

On another note, I also wanted to talk about how my oldest daughter is turning four tomorrow! It is so crazy to see how fast your child grows before your very eyes! And every prior birthday she has celebrated I always entered it with a sense of sadness that she was growing so fast. I would tell her that I was sad at how big she was getting, etc. Well this year she looked at me and said, “Mom, I don’t wanna grow up. I want to stay little forever.” and my heart shrunk. How sad that my child was sad about her future and wasn’t filled with joy to celebrate her birthday. I couldn’t help but put the blame on myself for filling her with this sadness of her upcoming birthday. So this year I am taking it upon myself to be excited and proud for her birthday tomorrow. No more showing sadness to her about her birthdays. I am excited to see her grow up and to watch her future unfold and all I can hope is that she will too. It is so mind boggling at how much our children pick up on what we are putting out there. I am seeing now (better late than never eh?) that I myself need to be more aware of what my kids are picking up from me. I need to portray what I want my children to become.

Love, light and namaste.



5 thoughts on “Not all things are what they seem.

  1. Actually I think it’s sweet that your little girl told you she wants to stay little. She was trying to make you happy or maybe in her own way, tell you she’ll always be your little girl.

    As to the lying thing – not sure what to make of that. I think people lie for different reasons, but generally to save face. I’m not a good liar myself but I don’t think it’s because I’m an introvert, I think it’s because I’m a writer and all my lying superpowers go into my fiction. Maybe lying is a superpower? Could happen, right?


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    • That’s a very good way to look at both things! See nothing is what it seems 😉 I’m a terrible liar but also an introvert. I am a really good story teller but I always end up saying at the end it is a lie because I feel bad or because I start laughing. Everyone is different though and that’s what makes it awesome 🙂


  2. Namaste, and congrats to you for making it through for years of Daughter with (most of?) your sanity!

    I have always wondered if my natural love of theater, and talent for acting/singing had anything to do with my uncanny ability to lie. I actually convinced myself in college that I was a compulsive liar, with the complex and everything, and maybe I was approaching that territory then, but who knows. These days (something I did for the good of my relationship with my now-wife) I have sworn off lying altogether (unless I am talking to my boss, the idiot – amirite). At any rate, I believe my extroverted nature contributed to my obsession with how others saw me, and that led to a fascination with acting like someone else, which bled into my actual life, leading me to do whatever it took to keep up a facade, i.e. lying my buns off. I believe that extroverts aren’t naturally great liars, but they can easily learn to be — Life, the world and society in general are their best teachers!! But! I have a friend who is a huge extrovert, but has no strong independent streak, so she structures her life around a boyfriend, etc. She is a terrible liar, because she has never had to learn how to lie convincingly. Maybe the rule from that video is true, but has many exceptions…. I dunno much bout these things, I only took one easy A Psych class….

    I do, of course, also find it fascinating that your little girl understood that you were sad at how fast the time flies for us adults, and that what made you sad was her unstoppable, herculean growth rate. Cor, Children! My Dad always told me that I was “growing like a weed!” How country were we? (Not enough)

    I’m one of those who reverently holds the honesty of children to be the Universe’s highest form of wisdom…. That being said, don’t forget that sometimes, some kids can be astounding liars…. Again, kids can learn to do anything well!!

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    • I am fascinated with how you were able to recognize that you were becoming a compulsive liar and were able to stop, props to you! I love your thought process and appreciate your views very much! I also agree with you whole-heartedly about children’s honesty being the Universe’s highest form of wisdom!

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      • Haha, well, I wish I could take full credit for turning my life around, but it was mostly due to the fact that I knew my then girlfriend (now wife) don’t take no BS….. LoL

        Thanks very much, and so Here’s to children and their wisdom!!


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