It’s me..

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Nice to meet you.

I’m sure you have already glanced at my “About Me” page and have gotten to know a little bit about me, but maybe not gotten a little insight into what this is all about and why I am choosing to “blog”.

I am what some would call an introvert. I am not one to sit in a crowd and discuss my interests or passions, or anything for that matter. I get uncomfortable and just sit in a pool of anxiety. Now a group of 1-3 is where it’s at. I could discuss all day with a small group and listen to what others have to say and enjoy myself. But let’s be honest, I am a mom but not only a mom but also a stepmom and to make it worse my two daughters are wild-n-out 99% of the time. I am one of those moms out of the movies, that have children climbing up their legs and screaming in the stores and covering the floor with flour. Because of these factors I am limited to having only a few friends (okay, one) and she lives in another STATE! Therefore my conversations are limited to my husband and children.

As I began to think, I realized that I love writing and I love discussing and I especially love learning new things and hearing others opinions on matters. So taking all these passions and mixing them with all my limitations it only seems genius to start a blog. I can discuss all the things I love, give you guys a little humor with the crazy antics of my life (like the 22 month old balancing on my knee as I type) and still listen to your opinions and discuss with you!

I have no specific genre to this blog, except maybe “Natalism”, is that even a thing? haha. Just basically whatever is on my mind or is interestingly up for discussion. I am new to this and will be learning as I go, but isn’t that what makes this fun?! I sure hope so.

So jump on this wagon and let’s make a band!

Love, light and namaste.



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