Complaining is all just a part of motherhood

Today is the last day, of the first week, of the new year. Man, that was hard to get out of my brain!

But with that being said, the last two weeks have been filled with, “new year, new me”, “this year I’m going to….” and yada, yada. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, I think goals are very good things to set. Just not for me, I have a hard time with a little thing called, self motivation, so most the time I set goals and then I don’t follow them and then I get overwhelmed and anxious because I am failing and it leads me down a dark hole of never finishing. So instead I like to just set “plans” and then I don’t feel so much pressure to finish my said “plan”. It doesn’t always work but it is what it is, eh?!

Well on Instagram I follow a page (is that correct wording, maybe user??) called Purple Buddha Project and this morning they posted a picture stating “Go 24 hours without complaining. not even once… then watch how your life starts changing.” the caption they put on the photo was “Think you are up for the challenge?”

Now think about that for a minute.. challenge, complaining, 24 hours. Seriously, I love this idea. I love that it is listed as a challenge and not a goal or resolution. I love that it is essentially starting out as 24 hours, and if you like it and can handle it, then keep it going. It takes the anxiety and the setting myself up for failure out of it.

I then am left to think, “Am I a complainer?” It’s one of those things you never realize you do until you sit and think about it, I’m sure if you asked my husband if I was a complainer he would have no hesitation to say “yes!” but that’s a different discussion.  So here I am thinking back to my day yesterday and if I complained..

I compiled a list of things that some would call complaints.

  • I was sick so a few times when my children were yelling or climbing up my legs, I’d state to them “Please leave me alone, I don’t feel good.” (to me this is a statement but I guess if I am being critical, I guess it could be called a complaint)
  • The night before last my oldest was up with an earache all night so I was running on little sleep and when getting dressed to go to take her to the doctor, I put my shoe on and then tried putting my sock on over the shoe. I then thought to myself “Ugh, that’s how tired I am but this would make a funny Facebook status.” A complaint none the less but at least I found humor in it, am I right?! 😉
  • And then I realized that most of my conversations with my best friend are spent in complaining and listening to her complain and then expressing how we both understand each others complaints.

I don’t want to bore you with anymore, but there are a few to get the idea that yes, beyond all your perfectionist thoughts about myself, I am not perfect. That also gives you the idea that even if you don’t think they are complaints, they probably are. So maybe it is safe to say, that yes, I think complaining is part of being a mother and maybe even HUMAN, but even so, if we all accepted this challenge, think of the better mothers and humans we could be. I understand you may be left with a feeling that you will have nothing to discuss with your best friend if you aren’t complaining, but believe me there are other things 😉

I think it is safe to say that we could all benefit from this challenge and learn to be better and more positive. Think of all the positive energy we could be putting into the universe with less complaining! So therefore, I challenge you! and let me know what you notice change the next day and if you keep up the challenge then what you notice after a months time and so on!

Love, light and namaste.



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